Monday, February 23, 2009


This man is ridiculous. Listen close.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Turning broken Onyx to diamonds...

So, after much drama and several meetings my app will not be reviewed by the Black Senior Honor Society over here.Felt kind of disrespected before, but I'm good now; wasn't meant to be. Black President, eBay account is back up, and God is giving me dap on the regular. Time to grind in '09, sports fans. Also, found this Bilal song today that completely altered my rather somber mood. He, like me, was fronted on super hard by people who unfairly Geppettoed his destiny. Ok, so maybe I need some anger management. I'm working on it. Enjoy the song.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ken strikes again

New piece from one of my favorite poets in the country. Ken Arkind goes in, and "For Wes" may be my new most listened-to poem from the master of the complex image himself. Peep the window simile. Sick.

NAACP Image Awards

Biggest performance of my life. Got to see all types of celebs ranging from Will Smith to Terrence Howard to Sanaa Lathan,Seal, Beyonce, Diddy, you name 'em. Beautiful to see so many super-talented people of color in the same space showing love to each other and being celebrated for their singular accomplishments. Job well done, NAACP. George and Ben, love you guys with all my heart. Also, shout out to Kamilah Forbes and Stan Lathan for the opportunity; 'twas truly a blessing and an experience I will never forget. God just keeps on moving.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Because I've been slackin sooo hard...multiple postings!!!

Ok, so life has been wild as of late. Just got back from performing at the NAACP Inaugural Concert as well as the Sundance film Festival in Salt Lake city, Utah. It was incredible. Benjamin and Peter Bratt are two of the most down-to-Earth, kindhearted people I've ever come across, and their movie "La Mission" was mind-blowing in its scale, content, and individual performances. They even brought back Erika Alexander from Living Single for that joint. Bananas! I also got to cipher with Wyclef. Yes, we're talking 911, The Score, Two Wrongs Don't Make it Right Wyclef. We went back and forth rhyming for like 45 minutes. One of the dopest experiences of my young life. He even offered me a spot on the album. God willing it all works out. I really hope this poetry thing takes off. I've just got to stay focused; somehow balance schoolwork, craft and heart and I know I'll be fine. I can feel the potential brewing inside me, now I just have to manifest it.

Thank you Spin Magazine

My new guilty pleasure. I give you: Alphabeat.