Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oceanography final in 24 hours.

Never studied this hard for anything in my life. Send up some prayers, folks. I'm a firm believer that diasporic folks have a peculiar yet powerful relationship with the ocean. Gotta channel some of that ancient, intimate knowledge for tomorrow.

I know the Lord has given me the victory already. I believe it. Claim it. Wouldn't be called faith if the easy out was right in front of my face. Going to push until the end.

Otis knows a little bit about the ocean. Shout out to Jonathan Howard for the inspiration.


  1. I know you did fine. Keep the faith. :-D

  2. this is one of those songs linked to a memory...glad it came up again. hope you did well on your final and whatnot. congratulations on graduation!

  3. I think you'll find this interesting. It's a collective of popular African hip hop/r&b artists doing a new version of Nina Simone's "Young,Gifted, and Black"
    very dope if I say so myself.