Monday, December 6, 2010

Guess who's bizack?

My Tumblr has been down for about a day or so, an absence that has forced me to return briefly to the Bruce and Carrie's son. Pardon my brief hiatus, ya'll. I've been having a ton of fun on the other platform, and neglected to let folks know where I've been. For those interested, my Tumblr can be found at :

In other news, due to a brief bout with insomnia I was up at about 6AM this morning watching the above video. Say whatever you like about Dr. Dyson, the brother is hands-down one of the greatest orators of our generation. He's definitely in my top 3. Dr. West has been my favorite speaker for a while now, but moments like this give my favorite Cornel speeches a run for their money.

They're both Princeton guys, too. One as a former student, another as a current professor. Just thought I would throw that in there :-)


  1. I feel like this man just preached!! *slaps an offering down* lol

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