Monday, August 10, 2009

A bullet cannot hurt an ocean.

Ok, so I know I'm going really hard on my poetry kick lately, but I had to share this piece with ya'll. I just returned from Florida (for research/vacation) and while I was out there decided to stop by the National Poetry Slam in West Palm Beach in order to interview my homie, Ion for my upcoming research presentation as well as partake in the festivities at hand.

Overall, though I didn't get to see many performances I will say that there were a few that stuck out to me in particular. St. Paul (who would eventually go on to grab the 2009 title) had some incredibly ill work from jump, Nuyo, both Denver teams, Urbana, and a number of other squads I was privileged enough to view via video recording or live performance impressed with both the sheer creativity and solid writing of their pieces.

One such piece is the above: "Volume Knob." To be frank, this jawn is vicious. Shout to Ken, Bobby, and Lucifury. Some of the illest old heads out, word to my pen.


  1. Oh my word. So dope.

    I love that you call them old heads. Ha.

  2. I'm listening to it, but I'm unsure if I have arrived at the right interpretation of their words.

    Thanks for sharing.

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