Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Never been much of a fan of police (being a Black man in the United States and all) but this has got to be one of the worst incidences of overt police brutality I have seen in a while. This idiotic police officer cracked the back of this elderly woman's head open with a body slam for no apparent reason. You're a trained "officer of the law," and you can't even restrain an older citizen without forcefully throwing them onto the ground. You've got to be kidding me.

I don't expect there to be consequences for this officer's actions. I never have. My parents taught me better than to expect justice from an unjust system.

My condolences to this elderly woman and her family. I pray that she makes a full recovery, and that her situation serves as a wake-up call for people trapped in the mindset that post-race, or social equality, or any of those other pretty little phrases are coming to save marginalized folks any time soon. We've got to push back for ourselves. Stay hopeful.


  1. By far the most disappointing thing I have witnessed in a very long time... All I can think is, what would I have done had this been my Great Grandmother?...Things like this will not stop unless we take action

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  3. she pulled a knife on the officer. he asked her to put it down and she raised it to him. graned she is a frail old woman, his reacion was excessive, but i am sure he has a family at home and wanted to go and see them.

    do i think this was excessive yes--am mad at him, no.