Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Return

OK, so today is the official beginning of my Northwestern University experience. Already met some cool heads, blew forty dollars at CVS on shampoo and aloe vera (gotta keep that chocolate skin smooth for the ladies). In other news, I am in desperate need of a haircut. But, as many of you know, my lineup is dear to my heart. Truth be told I'm not sure how I feel about risking its survival by going to an Evanston, Illinois barber shop. Looks like a trip to downtown Chicago is in order.

Anyways, I've been doing my best as of late to get more bi-coastal with the musical taste. My homie EnMar put me on this video. Peep the kick game; I was thoroughly salty when I saw all these teenagers so much fresher than me and in a music video. Sheltered childhood and 4 years in private school. Smh.

Jealousy aside, the track is hot and it's about to be my new ringtone. Also, since it's looking like the rest of this summer is dedicated to researching and writing new pieces, expect a more steady flow of posts from yours truly. Paz!

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    -dom kennedy
    -pacific division(pac div)
    -people under the stairs