Wednesday, October 7, 2009

All of the Doom will stop soon, I promise. Understand that I'm in a phase.

One of the illest tracks ever, in spite of having its name mispronounced by Carson Daly and being thoroughly unappreciated by a rather lethargic audience. The way Doom and De La's obscure lines and non-traditional flows meld together on this song is supernatural. The beat is less an instrumental and more a conductor, using its various moves to bring their supremely odd individual voices into harmony. Rock.Co.Kane Flow is certainly one of the tracks that ushered me into the realm of the hip-hop head. Haven't left since. Listen to The Grind Date to fully grasp the lyrical barrage going on here. If you don't feel like it, that's cool too; more fun for me. Also, peep the DJ doing The Robot in the background. Absolutely hilarious.

On an a slightly unrelated note, this week is ultra-hectic.Back and forth to NY twice in two days. I need to apply for some sort of BoltBus frequent rider pass at this point...

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