Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Todos tenemos problemas que tienen solucion"

Ok, so I'll admit it. I had never heard of Hector Lavoe until I saw the mediocre (yet still underrated) film "El Cantante." Occasional lapses into the realm of poor acting aside, Marc Anthony did a great job of presenting Hector's incredible music and riveting back story to a score of folks who had never before matched a face to the mind-blowing salsa music cascading from ventanas de carros y restaurantes.

Here is just a brief snippet of the master at work. This joint in particular inspired me to sign up for salsa classes. I'm telling you, my dance repertoire is about to be so on-point...


  1. His music is amazing. Really, I have become a true fan of Latin American music especially samba, salsa and bossa nova I love to relate it to the African Diaspora (my budding interest bordering minor or double major lol). The interlocking of the brass and the drums remind me alot of highlife music from Fela Kuti. I love it.

  2. hector lavoe! the king of salsa! he is amazing, i grew up on him. not knowing how to dance salsa, but appreciating the music nevertheless. glad you on your hector lavoe ish king! :)