Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chasing Robeson

So, as of late I've been on this whole "Renaissance Man"kick. The poetry thing is dope in and of itself, but I have the inner desire to see what other underdeveloped talents I may have lying latent beneath the surface. As of right now, I'm leaning toward acting and Pecha Kucha (it's crazy, Google it when you get the chance). Neither of these are a huge departure from the realm of spoken word poetry and performance, but I figure that taking baby steps is crucial in this process so that I don't step too far out of my lane and look like a buffoon.

When thinking of Renaissance men, two folks immediately jump to mind: Paul Robeson and Jamie Foxx. The latter is featured killing it in the video above. People don't realize just how multi-talented Mr. Foxx really is. Between being an incredible comic (both his stand-up and sitcom work are impeccable), his skill as a singer and range as big-screen actor are in the upper echelons of either craft. Gotta get on this man's level. Very necessary. I'm also considering taking up a new sport for recreation, maybe begin running again.

London Marathon 2011? Sounds good to me.

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