Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Posthuman identity all crazy

OK, I know what you're thinking. Why would I post this blatantly problematic video on a hip, socially conscious blog like Bruce and Carrie's son? Truth is, there are several reasons (none of which are strong enough to cancel out the blatant objectification of women in this video; Sorry, ya'll). Well, first, This man Drake is nice: "I knew this girl Amy, she used to AIM me." What?! Fire. It's Kanye's best verse in over a year (if you disagree, post a comment and we can have a uncivilized debate), and The Dream is, well, The Dream. Plus dude clearly got in the gym so his swag is on a hundred, as it were.

Further, I'm truly fascinated by hip-hop's recent turn toward directly addressing the technological realm in raps. Between the Trey Songz/ Soulja Boy "lol smiley face" effort and Kanye's entire 808 and Heartbreaks album, I may have to revisit my academic interest in the intersections of cyberculture and Black music. Well, let me get into grad school first. Then maybe.

Back to GRE prep, golly gee.


  1. Man, I just wanna tell you, I think it's dope that you can use a sentence like "his swag is on a hundred, as it were" without sounding like an idiot. That to me is a direct illustration of your worldliness as combined with your intellect. Congrats on being an evolved human (even moreso an evolved YOUNG BLACK MALE).

    Mad props.

  2. If you think the Amy/AIM line is fire, you really should check out "Make Out Club" by Gym Class Heroes. The song lacks the digitalism you refer to, but the lyricism is superior and in a similar style.

  3. the dream irks me. and he's icky. probably ickier with muscles.

    aside from that, i will admit (only here) that i was a bit impressed with this song (concept and some lyrics).

    okay, back to BP3.