Thursday, September 3, 2009

When the Brady Bunch meets the Baptist Church

I really just have to give props where props are due. These dudes can flat out sing.

Also,I find the choice of the "Brady Bunch" theme to be particularly interesting given the clear Black gospel roots of the singing style here. The juxtaposition of the soulful, heart-wrenching song stylings of CraigLewis with the White upper middle-class narrative presented by the shows like the Brady Bunch makes for a really fascinating moment of Black musical performance here. Sorry, ya'll. Sometimes the Josh the Budding Academic takes over and I don't know what to do with him.

More to the point, somebody needs to sign these cats if they aren't with a label already. Best voices I've heard in a while, hands-down.


  1. VERY soulful voice.
    Moving as well.
    They have their own style...and that's hard to come by now.

  2. if you like that jamie foxx clip, you might enjoy this one:

    Keep doin you josh, i'm in love with the way you live life so intensely

    Peace & Love

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